Virtual tour 4 - All Quiet on the Western Front

This room covers the period from late 1915 to 1917, a relatively quiet period in Flanders. Only a few minor attacks or trench raids, briefly pierce the enemy trenches. Occasionally larger actions take place. The major battles mainly take place in France.

Object 1: Surgical kit (MZ 06503)

This kit contains surgical instruments, including an amputation saw: amputation was often the only resort if limbs were seriously infected or if someone had been hit by a projectile. Even just wearing wet socks too long could lead to ‘trench foot’, a condition that may lead to open sores and eventually gangrene, so it was important the men changed their socks every day. (MMP 1917, MZ 06503)


Object 2: Trench Football Game (MZ 06146)

British  'Trench Football Game', in cardboard, set in a wooden frame with glass plate and with a metal ball. The game consists of guiding the metal ball from the 'kick off' through the course and avoiding the cut holes. Each hole is flanked by a caricature of a German military commander, with their name or nickname, printed on the higher green cardboard. (MMP1917, MZ 06146)


Object 3: Bottles (MZ 04528, MZ 04522)

Some soft drinks we know today are already popular in WWI: British troops drink Schweppes and Perrier, the latter already in its trade-mark green bottle. (MMP1917, MZ 04528, MZ 04522)