Virtual tour 2 - Forgotten Winter

This part of the museum tells the story of the first winter of 1914-1915. The first winter of the war is surely the hardest. The French forces occupying the front here are not prepared for it

Object 1: Zouavenuniform (MZ 00807, MZ 00830, MZ 00644, MZ 00831, MZ 00892, MZ 02237, MZ 01437, MZ 03781, MZ 00121)

The French army consists, amongst others, of the Armée d’Afrique and Armée coloniale made up of soldiers from the Arabic and African Sub-Saharan colonies. Mainly the cold is an extra enemy for them. The First World War is indeed a global war. The North African zouave is recognisable by his elegant and striking (but totally inappropriate) dress in the colours of the French flag. French soldiers wear the Horizon Bleu uniform, originally called the Tricolore, due to its combination of red, white and blue wool. However, as the red dye used to be made in Germany and imports have been stopped, the uniform ultimately becomes just a mix of white and blue. The now faded blue colour of the new French uniform which will be in use until the end of the war is still striking.