New collection and exhibition by visitors in Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917


From June 14th on, the MMP1917 is coming up with a new museum display. To this end, private collector Kris Michiels grants part of his unique collection about the Belgians in 1918. In the temporary exhibition "Reflection 1914-1918", the five MMP1917 resident photographers and visitors cast an eye back on their most beautiful souvenir of "100 years of WW1". In this way, the museum encourages visitors to participate in the commemoration of the First World War.

An appeal to retrospection on four years of commemoration
During the commemoration of 100 years of WWI, the MMP1917 attracted more than 750,000 visitors. An abundance of participants has been taking part in the numerous commemorative ceremonies and activities. The MMP1917 makes a call for sharing souvenirs of the centenary in Zonnebeke & boroughs for the entire length of the temporary exhibition ‘Reflection 1914-1918’. This can be done by means of a drawing, a poem, a picture ... In addition to these visitors’ works of art, the photographs taken by the five MMP1917 resident photographers will also be on display. The exhibition lasts from June 14th until December 15th , 2019. The people intending to participate can hand in their work in the museum shop or submit it online via

Belgian collection of private collector
In the years to come, the museum aims at further expanding the exhibition. To this extent, the MMP1917 is focusing on partnerships with other museums and private collectors. For the redesign of the "Belgians in the Final Offensive" hall, the museum was able to draw on the collection of Kris Michiels. In order to highlight the evolution of WWI and the role of the Belgian army during the Final Offensive in 1918, he’s showcasing several uniforms, the complete soldier’s equipment and some personal belongings of soldiers.

"On changing our museum display on a regular basis, the museum continues to innovate and strives to attract visitors as well as to encourage recurring visits. This time, we are conceiving our temporary exhibition as a participatory project involving the visitors in our operation ", says Joachim Jonckheere, Managing Director Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917.

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