Rebuild the devastated zonnebeke with 25,000 lego® bricks

The Memorial Museum Paschendaele 1917 in Zonnebeke holds five Lego® workshops between 15 and 28 July 2020. These workshops are part of the reconstruction theme of the Phoenix 2020 project. All participants can rebuild their own version of Zonnebeke on the basis of a ground plan.

From October 1914 Zonnebeke is drawn into the devastating First World War, causing the inhabitants to flee. When the first inhabitants return in 1918, they find nothing. The area looks like a savannah and everywhere there are heaps of rubble and flooded shell craters. The inhabitants were faced with the difficult task of rebuilding their village.

Wide range of bricks

The participants of the workshop will be challenged to rebuild the village, just like 100 years ago. For this purpose they will have around 25,000 Lego® bricks at their disposal: standard bricks in sand colour ('Brick Yellow') and a large stock of special bricks such as bricks with arches, windows, doors, round bricks ... In addition, they can also use bricks in brown and various shades of green. At the end of each workshop all the floor plans together form the rebuilt Zonnebeke.

The workshops will take place on 15, 18, 22, 25 and 28 July, each time from 2pm to 3.30pm at Villa Zonnedaele, next to the MMP1917. Those who visit the MMP1917 on the day of the workshop will receive a 15% discount on their museum ticket. The workshops with Lego® bricks take place in collaboration with Amazings.

Inspiration during visit temporary Phoenix exhibition

If you want to get inspired, you can visit the free exhibition 'Phoenix, Huib Hoste and Modernism' in the church of Zonnebeke in advance. This exhibition tells the story of architect Huib Hoste and his unique creations. Hoste's innovative, modernist conception of reconstruction was not well received by everyone in Zonnebeke. Thanks to Virtual Reality you will discover what the interior of the church should have looked like according to Hoste. You will also learn more about his designs in the municipality and region. You can finish off with climbing the church tower, where you can enjoy a phenomenal view of the region.

Workshop with LEGO® bricks in collaboration with Amazings.

 "Thanks to the cooperation project Phoenix 2020, with the support of Toerisme Vlaanderen and in close cooperation with the province of West Flanders, Westtoer/Toerisme Westhoek and other municipalities in the Westhoek, we can join forces and tell a broad story about reconstruction in this region.

The workshop offers a unique opportunity to work interactively and creatively with the theme. Of course we will do everything we can to make the workshop run safely", Westtoer