Reflection 1914-1918

Reflection 1914-1918
The temporary exhibition 'Reflection 1914 - 1918' casts an eye back to the First World War Centenary in Zonnebeke & boroughs. Through their photographs, the MMP1917 resident photographers are presenting their most memorable moment of the centenary. However, there's more to it. We are also calling you to take part in this temporary exhibition. Would you happen to have a picture, a poem,  a drawing, a work of art etc… concerning a particular eventful remembrance moment from 2014-2018 ? Please, hand it over to the museum shop or send it to us via our website. Your kind assistance will enhance the exhibition.

Souvenirs can be submitted every day at the museum shop between 10 am and 6 pm or sent via the web form. The maximum file size for submitting a work online is 20 MB. Larger files  can be sent via WeTransfer to

After the handing over, your work will be included in our exhibition until December 15th , 2019. With your permission, we can also use your work on our social media to promote "Reflection 1914-1918". Videos can only be shown online.At the end of this project, you can collect your work at the front desk of the MMP1917 from December 16th  till December 20th, 2019 included and during the working days in January 2020, from 9 am till 5 pm.

Rights and liability
A photograph, an image, a work of art ... is more explicit than a 1,000 words. Yet, you are not allowed to use them just like that. The law states that photographs, drawings, paintings, poems ...are subjected to copyrights. In addition, portrait rights  are covered by GDPR -protection. We ask you to take these rights into account and to not submit works by others under your name. You are responsible for your submitted work(s). We also inform our visitors to the exhibition of these rights and ask them to respect them. The Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 declines all liability as far as copyright and portrait rights infringements are concerned..

For questions you can contact us via