Official opening of the French Passchendaele Memorial Garden

On Tuesday 2019 the French Memorial Garden will be officially inaugurated.

The ‘Garden of 100 years’ evokes a century of peace that has allowed a rich and abundant nature to colonize and evolve on lands destroyed by war. A hundred years ago...
The war ended to leave behind families, as well as landscapes, devastated. Not only here in Flanders, where many French troops fought, but also in France, where large parts of the battlefields were left to nature.

In the afforestation plot where the French Memorial Garden is located, a trained eye can see these hundred years of history because the forest has regained its rights here: it has gone from a ‘pioneer’ stage (vegetation colonizing freshly turned soils) towards an ‘advanced’ stage (vegetation rich in an afforestation, still under development but reaching a state of climax without human intervention).

This, visible, evolution of 100 years of peace is all that the garden presents to the public by discreet pathways and resting. It shows the different environments that make up a woodland, from cleared land to dense afforestation. In this garden, felled trees are left behind, an undergrowth is gardened, a clearing offers a skylight to allow the small fauna (woodpeckers, insects, small mammals) to come to be part of the spirit of the garden and participate.

The inauguration of the French Memorial Garden is open to the public.

The French Memorial Garden is a project of the ‘Mission du Centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale et Art Jardins | Hauts-de-France’. Their Belgian garden in Le Quesnoy will also be opened on 19 november in the afternoon.