Online tour 15 - South African

South Africa, then a dominion of the British Empire, joined the war on the Allied side in August 1914. Initially, they were only involved in campaigns in German Southwest Africa (Namibia) and German East Africa (Tanzania). After this, the South African Infantry Brigade, as part of the 9th Scottish Division, joined in numerous battles including the Battle of the Somme and the Battle of Passchendaele. On 20th September 1917, they were deployed near Frezenberg, west of Zonnebeke. They achieved their goals, but at the cost of lots of casualties.

Object 1: Archaeological finds

In 2011, the clay pits of the Terca brickworks in Zonnebeke yielded the remains of three South African soldiers. Unfortunately they could not be identified. They were presumably struck by enemy fire during the Battle of the Menin Road and were probably never formally buried. In July 2013, the three received a proper last resting place at CWGC Tyne Cot Cemetery, by the bunker to the right of the entrance. Their personal belongings were presented to the museum.