Online tour 14 - The Island of Ireland 1917

Ireland, belonging then to Great Britain, was another nation taking part in the war. The Irish had different motivations for serving in the army, whether political, religious or otherwise. Three Irish divisions were set up during the war: the 10th, 16th and 36th divisions. Despite the fact that the 16th Irish Division and the 36th Ulster Division were political opponents in Ireland, they fought a few times side by side on the Western Front such as at the Mine Battle of June 1917 and during the Battle of Passchendaele on 16th August 1917, where they were deployed between Frezenberg and Sint-Juliaan.
Object 1: Whiskey Flask
At the front of this whiskey bottle is the emblem of the 14th Royal Irish Rifles (Young Citizens Volunteers). The bottle probably dates back to Victorian times, long before the First World War. But the emblem is probably made of a ""sweetheart brooch"", a badge given to relatives of a fallen soldier. (MMP1917, MZ 07608)