100 years Armistice Day Concert 'Distortion, a Hymn to Liberty' SOLD OUT

Saturday 10 November, 2018 from 21:00 to 22:30

In 2014, the Flemish government solicited Dirk Brossé, Jef Neve and Frederik Sioen to jointly create a musical composition for the commemoration of the First World War. The three composers - from three different musical backgrounds – were approached on account of composing together one coherent entity, one sole hymn. A running theme was finally found after abundant reading, historical research, hearty discussions and creative debates. ‘Distortion’, a Hymn to Liberty was born. The title says it all. Distortion was the foundation to reach the ultimate freedom as a human being and as a nation. Many were torn away from all ties and no longer knew which way was up, under, good or bad. Fighting for freedom, though already entailing a contradiction, was desperately needed to survive at that time. The result of it is a quite unique composition in which every composer,  out of his own musical field, is presenting his personal interpretation of the theme ‘Peace and Freedom’. The three composers have been working in full independence without any restraints. The only things they shared were a distinctive predilection for a poetic musical language and an endless respect for each other’s talent.

The final outcome reveals a mosaic of unparalleled vibes, touching emotions and sophisticated timbres.


  • Where? Tent Chateau Grounds
  • Start at 21h00
  • €15,00/pp, SOLD OUT