Canadian ceremony of remembrance

Friday 10 November, 2017 at 00:00
Crest Farm Canadian Memorial / Kerk Passendale

10 november

10 November 1917 marks the day that Canadian troops ended the Battle of Passchendaele by capturing the ruins of the village.

Together with the Canadian Government, the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 and the Municipality of Zonnebeke organise official ceremonies of remembrance to commemorate the end of the battle and all casualties.

November 9

1.00 p.m.: Opening Ceremony of the Canadian Passchendaele Memorial Garden
3.30 p.m.: Canada Gate Dedication Ceremony, Sunset Ceremony and Vigil at the Passchendaele Canadian Memorial

November 10

9.00 a.m.: Commemorative Ceremony at CWGC Tyne Cot Cemetery
6.00 p.m.: Remembrance Ceremony at the Passchendaele Canadian Memorial, followed by a torchlight procession to the Passchendaele Church
8.30 p.m.: concert ‘Passchendaele, the End of the Road’, Passchendaele Church

After an intense campaign, 10 November  brings an end to the three-month “Passchendaele 100” commemorative campaign.The Passchendaele Ceremony commemorates the end of the Battle of Passchendaele and all casualties, communities and countries involved. The ceremony starts with a subdued reflection at the Crest Farm Canadian Memorial followed by a torch parade through the Canadalaan. The parade follows the path of the last hundred metres of the attack and ends at Passchendaele church. After the ceremony all participants will be invited to an open air reception, followed by a concert in the church. The concert this year is a “Proms” edition with Alan Brydon (composer of On the Road to Passchendaele), the Canadian Army Band Musique Royale 22ème Régiment, English mezzo soprano Emma Brown, woodwind- and brass band St Cecilia from Beselare, Field Marshal Haig’s Own Pipes & Drums and the popular folk band ‘The Swigshift’. For this concert only 280 tickets are available.

Practical info ‘Passchendaele Ceremony’ November 10:

Arrive well in advance for the ceremony. No prior registration is required, but there are traffic restrictions and security checks can be performed. Do not bring large bags, backpacks, …. Wear warm clothes and take rainfall into account, but avoid using umbrellas during the ceremony, so as not to block the view for other participants. Wear good footwear. The torch parade is about 800 meters long and runs across tarmac.
Always follow the guidelines of security staff and stewards.
Avoid using flashes, especially during the first part of the ceremony. Only accredited photographers may move (within limits) freely on the site.

Practical info concert ‘Passchendaele, the End of the Road’

Tickets: € 10 in advance – € 13 at the door; € 5 in advance – € 8 at the door (under 18)
reservation via
Reservation only valid after bank transfer on account BE27 7380 1848 3673 (Genootschap Passchendaele Society 1917 vzw) with clear mention of name, number of adults and number of under 18s
Tickets can also be bought in advance in the MMP1917’s shop.

From Friday 10/11 (afternoon) until Sunday 12/11, the volunteers of the GPS1917 and the MMP1917 offer free coffee on the car park of CWGC Tyne Cot Cemetery.